A Group Blog in the Philosophy of Mind?

In other areas of philosophy, there are successful group blogs, where people exchange and discuss ideas.  But to the best of my knowledge, there is no group blog in the philosophy of mind. 

Some readers of this blog have suggested that I transform it into a group blog.  I like the idea, and now that we have a stable website with a more sophisticated blogging tool, I hope to begin working on turning this into a group blog.

Any comments?


  1. Anibal

    It would be interesting to have a section in which well renown philosophers of mind will come sporadically as “feautured stars” to discuss their respective philosophies, ongoing proyects amd more mundane things in informal fashion with readers of this blog.

  2. Eric

    Great new look and interesting interface. I especially like that there is a counter below this box telling me how many characters I have remaining to type. Right now, I have typed 183 characters.

  3. Edouard Machery

    Congrats for ths success of your blog.

    A group blog might be interesting.

    I note that i could not leave my url. The sign ~ is not well placed.