The Tri-State Cog Blog

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I have just become a contributor to The Tri-State Cog Blog, which

is a group weblog about cognitive science, intended to foster a community of cognitive science researchers based in the Northeastern USA. We post content on a wide range of issues in all areas of cognitive science. We particularly welcome content pertaining to cognitive science research in the Tri-State area, such as:

-Information about upcoming talks and conferences in the area

-Discussion of the views and research of cognitive scientists in the area

Sounds cool, no? So if you are a cogsci researcher in the Northeastern USA, or plan to be, then check it out!


  1. Alex

    This is Alex, the admin of the Tri-State Cogblog. I post here occasionally. I just wanted to underscore Richard’s post, and point out that we at the Cogblog welcome additional contributors. At the moment, the Cogblog is pretty Rutgers-philosophy-centric, but I really want the blog to be a forum for researchers at other institutions, and in other areas of cognitive science (i.e. *practitioners* of cogsci, rather than mere onlookers :). If you’d like to contribute, please get in touch!

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