Sellars’ Papers available at the Archive of Scientific Philosophy

Wilfrid Sellars was one of the most important philosophers of mind in the 20th Century.  I just discovered that the complete collection of his unpublished papers and correspondence is available at the Archive of Scientific Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh.  The collection was created by Pitt archivist Lance Lugar, who also told me it’s now available.  The finding aid is hard to find, but it’s there.  The Archive also has many other important collections, including those of Carnap, Reichenbach, Ramsey, and Hempel.


  1. Do you know if the Sellars archive is available online? I looked around the website and couldn’t find that information. Although, I looked around the archive pages and couldn’t find the finding aid either.

  2. gualtiero piccinini

    I don’t believe the whole archive is online.  If you’d like a copy of some documents, you should contact Lance Lugar at the Archives for Scientific Philosophy.

  3. Lance


    If you click on the link embedded in the paragraph at the head of this entry (entitled Archives of Scientific Philosophy) it will take you to a list of the ASP’s holdings. Click on the Sellars Collection link and it should take you directly to the finding aid. It did from my machine, in all events and it is intended to do that.

    The same effect is achieved by clicking on the “here” link above. However, we wouldn’t mind knowing what difficulties you had in locating the finding aid, as the site is designed to be relatively easy to navigate. If it isn’t, we would want to know.

    Once you get to the finding aid we hope that you can then get a general sense of what is in the collection and can be in touch with us for more specific information to obtain material that you might need.

    We don’t have any of the documents from the Archive digitized and available yet, but it is a high priority goal of the ASP.


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