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Hi Folks,

I’m interested in doing a reading group on Daniel Hutto’s book, “Folk Psychological Narratives.” In the book Hutto challenges, and offers an alternative to, mindreading accounts of social cognition. His negative arguments against mindreading accounts (Theory Theory, Simulation Theory, and hybrid accounts) include the charge that they cannot adequately explain how we develop mental state concepts, they erroneously presuppose that social cognition is a “spectator sport,” and they greatly overestimate the importance and prevalence of mindreading. His positive account includes an emphasis on embodied cognition, direct perception, and the Narrative Practices Hypothesis, Hutto’s novel contribution to the debate. Hutto’s arguments are interesting and formidable challenges to the standard cognitive science picture of folk psychology.

If there is enough interest, I’d love to have the reading group on Brains with Brains readers. Let me know in the comments section whether you are interested in participating in this reading group. 


UPDATE: We will start the reading group at the beginning of March. If you’re interested in joining the group and haven’t already contacted me, email me at and I’ll add you to the email list.


  1. Remi Clot Goudard

    Hello, I’d be interested in joining such a group. How could I have more information about it ? (I live in Grenoble (France) and it may be a serious hindrance…). Thanks.

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