Attention Discussion Blog: The Phenomenology of Attention

Dear Readers of the Brains Blog:

I’m in the final stages of writing the chapter on the phenomenology of attention for a book on attention for Routledge:

I thought I would both encourage general discussion of issues regarding attention and also solicit feedback on the text, parts of which are excerpted at my attention blog. I won’t currently be making drafts of the book available, but please feel free to participate on the blog!
Username/Password: attention13

I only ask that participants sign their full names to any comments. I will try to respond to all posts. More will be added in the next week.

There are posts on:

  1. Block’s argument in “Attention and Mental Paint”
  2. Whether Carrasco’s well-known experiments do reveal attentional effects on conscious experience.
  3. How extensive are the effects of attention on determinacy (commenting on Bence Nanay’s ideas).
  4. Discussion of selection for action, inattentional blindness, attention and justification.

If you are interested in other issues regarding attention, I’d be happy to post relevant excerpts as well. Just let me know in the “other topics” entry’s comment section.

Thanks in advance.
Wayne Wu


    • Wayne Wu

      Hi Arnold

      Can you tell me what happened?

      The username and password should be: “attention13”

      no caps, no spaces. I’ll ask my computer administrator to remove the password.

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