What’s New and Upcoming at Brains

There is a lot of good news to share regarding new developments and upcoming events at the Brains blog.

First, it is my pleasure to introduce two new Contributing Editors:

I’m grateful to Aaron, Dan, and all the other Contributing Editors for their excellent work in keeping this site so active.

In addition to these events and others that will be scheduled soon we also have three Featured Authors who will discuss their work within the next few months:

I am grateful to all these authors for agreeing to contribute, and to John Priest at Oxford University Press for his help in organizing these events.

Finally, thanks is due as well to Cameron BucknerNick Byrd, and Bruce Rushing for their great work in organizing the this year’s Minds Online Conference, which once again was a great success, drawing over 10,000 visits and generating a lot of great philosophical discussion! Thanks as well to the authors, commenters, and all those others who joined the discussion.

Please be sure to check our calendar and follow Brains on Facebook and Twitter for updated information on all that we have going on.

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