The Brains blog is a leading forum for work in the philosophy and science of mind. It was founded in 2005 by Gualtiero Piccinini, and has been administered by John Schwenkler since late 2011. The blog usually draws 13,000 or more visits per month, and hosts regular symposia on targeted articles from the journals ErgoMind & Language, and Neuroethics. The editors also organize visits from leading philosophers and psychologists, including the authors of most recent books in the philosophy of mind published by major academic presses.


Occasional contributors to the Brains blog include Kenneth Aizawa, Marcus Arvan, Stephan Blatti, Berit Brogaard, Richard Brown, Edward Buckner, Glenn Carruthers, Anthony Dardis, Felipe De Brigard, Michael Ferreira, Carrie Figdor, Carl Gillett, Robert Gordon, Dan Haybron, Mitchell Herschbach, Carolyn Dicey Jennings, David Kaplan, Colin Klein, Joshua Knobe, Edouard Machery, Corey Maley, Pete Mandik, Marcin Milkowski, Myrto Mylopoulos, Eddy Nahmias, Nico Orlandi, Mark Phelan, Matthew Piper, J. Brendan Ritchie, Martin Roth, Dan Ryder, Frank Scalambrino, Susanna Schellenberg, Miguel Ángel Sebastián, Adam Shriver, Katrina Sifferd, Shannon Spaulding, Mark Sprevak, Şerife Tekin, Robert Thompson, Eric Thomson, Dan Weiskopf, Cory Wright, and Wayne Wu.