The fourth issue of PMS WIPS is out, featuring “The
Unreliability of Naive Introspection
” by Eric Schwitzgebel, University of California at Riverside.

Comments are open on this and previous issues of PMS WIPS. Upcoming
issues are scheduled as follows:

  • Nov 15, 2006 – PMS WIPS 005 – Nicholas Maxwell, University College
    London –
    Three Philosophical Problems about Consciousness and their Possible
  • Dec 1, 2006 – PMS WIPS 006 – Brendan Ritchie, University of Manitoba – Dualism and the Limits
    of Conceivability
  • Dec 15, 2006 – PMS WIPS 007 – Joshua Knobe and
    Jesse Prinz, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – Intuitions about
    Consciousness: Experimental Studies
  • Jan 1, 2007 – PMS WIPS 008 – Anthony Jack, Philip Robbins, and Andreas
    Roepstorff, Washington University, St. Louis and Aarhus University,
    Denmark – The Genuine Problem of Consciousness

We continue to welcome new submissions.

For further details, see:

email submissions (with accompanying abstracts) to Pete Mandik (petemandik @
Feel free to contact any of the co-editors with questions. We look forward to
hearing from you.

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