Neurophilosophy Fellowships

Please share with any students who may be interested.  Thanks, Eddy!

The Philosophy Department at Georgia State University in Atlanta,
Georgia is accepting applications from qualified undergraduates for its
two $15,000 Neurophilosophy Fellowships, to be awarded by the Brains
& Behavior program. The Brains & Behavior program at GSU aims
to take the neurosciences at Georgia State to a position of
international prominence by promoting interdisciplinary collaboration
between faculty and students from partnering departments. B&B
Fellows in the Philosophy Department complete a Masters degree and
receive a stipend of $15,000 plus tuition (they do not have to serve as
graduate assistants or instructors).  More information on the
requirements for the fellowship can be found here.

Andrea Scarantino and I are the primary faculty who are involved in
the B&B program and who mentor students interested in
“neurophilosophy” (and such), but we are currently hiring for a senior position and the person who ends up filling it may be active in the program.

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