Mathematical Models of Cognitive Behaviour

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Workshop Announcement – Call for Participation

Mathematical Models of Cognitive Behaviour
Avon Gorge Hotel, Bristol
November 9th, 2007 (9am – 5pm)

Workshop of the Pascal Network of Excellence and the euCognition Network

Probabilistic approaches to Artificial Intelligence have become
mainstream in the past decade. Statistical methods are routinely used
in machine learning, machine translation, machine vision, speech
recognition. We are interested in applying this methodology to the
more general problem of modeling cognitive systems.
The theoretical focus of this workshop is to model cognitive abilities
as forms of probabilistic inference. In particular we want to focus on
statistical and reactive models of behaviour, in various systems.
The idea is to present recent models of natural cognitive systems
together with recent advances in modeling of artificial cognitive
systems, and discuss of relations.
Learning, decision making, perception, and goal-seeking are
significant aspects of cognitive behavior that will be covered.

Preliminary List of Speakers

Nello Cristianini University of Bristol

Ralf Herbrich Microsoft Research
Behavior in Videogames

Dennis Bray, University of Cambridge
Bacterial Chemotaxis

James Marshall & Nigel Franks, University of Bristol
Collective Decision-Making in Social Insect Colonies

Nick Chater University College London

Chris Watkins Royal Holloway, University of London

Richard Gregory University of Bristol

Alan Roberts University of Bristol
Simple Nervous Systems

Rafal Bogacz, University of Bristol
Optimal Decision Making in Biological Systems

Panel Discussion:

Tom Troscianko , John Shawe-Taylor,
… (more)

Registration is free, but the number of participants will be limited by
So you will be required to register in advance, by following instructions

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