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I wanted to let readers of Brains know of a new blog that I’m involved in, the What Sorts of People blog: check it out.  This is the blog for the What Sorts of People Should There Be? network.  It is a collaborative blog with regular contributions from around 10
team members from the network.  In principal, anything falling under the question that names the network might be blogged here, including matters mindful and brain-related.  We’ve been running about 10 days in public.   Recent posts are available on double-amputee
Oscar Pistorius’s bid to compete Olympically, and on a so-recent-it’s-still-forthcoming
piece by Steve Pinker in The New

on the concept of dignity and its use in a recent President’s
Council on Bioethics report.   Biella Coleman, who was a Killam Postdoc
at Alberta last year and now teaches at NYU, posted a tempered
rant (her description) on the blog on medical genetics and
eugenics, and has just blogged on a recent New Left Review article by Lennard Davis on biocultures; Jo Faulkner, a current Killam postdoc at Alberta, has a
posting on plastic surgery.  You can also search for other blog pieces
by category and
review the archives of the blog from the site.  If you like what you

  • add it to your blogfeeds, or otherwise check it out regularly
  • tell your friends
  • blog about it and direct folks from your own blog
  • send it on to other folks who might do any of the above
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