Doing without Concepts: The Controversy

As one might have expected, my book Doing without Concepts is meeting some resistance, and the first reviews have raised some interesting (and some less interesting, I think) objections to the claims made there (in a more or less pleasant tone!). Although this is not really the place to answer any of these objections, I’ll mention them here since this might interest some of you.

In Metapsychology, Joel Parthemore argues for instance that I am exaggerating the differences between the different constructs used by psychologists (prototypes, exemplars, and theories). In Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, George Rey has a detailed, perceptive, but critical review of the book. Although there is very little I agree with in this review, I highly recommend it.

Kevan Edwards and Clark Glymour have also written extended, critical reviews of the book, while a few symposia are also in the work.  A Behavioral and Brain Sciences article is also in preparation. 
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