CO2: The Second Online Consciousnes Conference

Call for Papers:

CO2: The Second Online Consciousness Conference

February 2010

Please post and distribute widely; appologies for cross-posting

I am pleased to announce the call for papers for the second Consciousness Online conference. We have a very exciting conference planned for this year with some new features (e.g. podcasts and vodcasts of presentations) and two great invited sessions. The preliminary invited program is posted below; details to follow at the conference website


Special Session on Higher Order Consciousness (from the NYU workshop on perception, action and the self)

Hakwan Lau, Psychology, Columbia


Ned Block, Philosophy, NYU

David Rosenthal, Philosophy, CUNY

David Chalmers, Philosophy, NYU/ANU


Invited Colloquium on the State of the Art in Brain Decoding

Colin Clifford, Psychology, U Sydney

John-Dylan Haynes, Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience -Berlin


Papers in any area of consciousness studies are welcome and should be roughly 3,000-4,000 words, suitable for blind review, and sent to by January 5th 2010. Those interested in being referees or commentators should also contact me. Authors of accepted papers are urged to make, or have made, some kind of audio/visual presentation (e.g. narrated powerpoint or video of talk) though this is not required to present.

The papers from last year, pending external review, are being published by The Journal of Consciousness Studies and if contributors are interested I would like to look into something like that for this year’s proceedings. Because of this contributions that are unpublished elsewhere are preferred, though exceptions can be made.

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