epistemic modals conference announcement

By Janice Dowell

Epistemic Modals

April 16-18, 2010

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Lincoln, NE


Keith DeRose,  “Accommodation and Epistemic
Possibilities Nobody Knows to be False”

Kai von Fintel and Thony Gillies, TBA

Angelika Kratzer, “Epistemic Modals: Embedded, Modified, and

John MacFarlane, TBA

Robert Stalnaker, “‘If’s, ‘May’s, and ‘Might’s”

Eric Swanson, “Constraint Semantics and the Language of
Subjective Uncertainty”     

Conference organizers:

Janice Dowell

John Gibbons

Registration required, no fee

To register, please contact either Janice Dowell
(janicedowell@hotmail.com) or John Gibbons (jgibbons2@unl.edu).

For conference updates, please check


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