Brains Development

By Jim Virtel

Brains has experienced tremendous growth over the past few months.  First, welcome to the many new contributors.  Second, the site averages over 200 unique visitors per day — triple the amount of traffic in September 2009.  Thanks to all contributors, old and new, for increasing Brains’ popularity.

There is evidence that Brains is a leading blog in its area.  For one thing, it’s the first link to appear when you google “philosophy of mind blog“.  For another thing, it was recently listed among the Top 15 Brain Blogs of the Year.

And following up on an old suggestion by Marcin Milkowski, we now have a favicon next to Brains’ url!

Firefox, Opera, and Safari users should see the favicon when the page opens.  Internet Explorer users may have to delete their temporary internet files in order to see it.  Here is how to delete those files:

1. In the Internet Explorer Browser, click Tools, then select Internet Options.
2. In the pop-up window under Browsing History, click Delete.
3. Select the Temporary Internet files and Cookies checkboxes, then click Delete.

If you still can’t see the favicon, feel free to contact me at jlv4z3 {at} umsl {dot} edu.

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