Mind Network

Hi Guys, N.B. this isn’t just for UK folk, we’re hoping that it is also of use to a wider international community, and we’re serious about building international links…

This is to announce the launch of the Mind Network, a new UK network for Philosophy of Mind & Cognitive Science


The aim of the Mind Network is to foster a community of UK researchers in philosophy of mind and cognitive science, and to build links with the wider international community.

The Mind Network will organise regular, mobile, UK workshops. The idea is to get researchers in philosophy of mind and cognitive science in one place on a regular basis to present papers, discuss their work, and have a good time.

The first meeting will take place Saturday 20 March 2010 in the Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford. The speakers are:

  • Andy Clark (Edinburgh)
  • Matt Soteriou (Warwick)
  • Lisa Bortolotti (Birmingham) & Phil Gerrans (Oxford, Adelaide)

There is no registration fee and lunch will be provided. If you would like to come, please sign up before 13 March 2010 by email to: nancy.patel@philosophy.ox.ac.uk.

Full details are posted on the website (https://mindcogsci.net/).

Do feel free to post on the website info about upcoming conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.

The Mind Network is organised by Tim Bayne, Stephen Butterfill, Tim Crane, Nick Shea, and Mark Sprevak

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