107th Philosophers’ Carnival

By Jim Virtel

Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages: welcome to the 107th Philosophers’ Carnival!  Come inside to see our amazing attractions:

Our main tent contains posts concerning:

Philosophy of Mind!

– Gary Williams argues that empiricists don’t have to accept Berkeley’s conclusion that sense-data are private at Minds and Brains.

– Neuroscience must play a role in classical theories of mind, according to Gualtiero Piccinini, and directs our attention towards Susan Schneider’s work.

– Finally, John Jones boldly claims that the brain sciences restrict our knowledge of human experiences.

But don’t go just yet!  We have so many more enthralling acts such as:


– There must a be a fundamental level of reality, argues Tuomas Tahko at TTahko.net .

– Kadri Vihvelin revisits one of her earlier papers on time-travel and argues that a time-traveler cannot go back in time and kill herself at Vihvelin.com.

Philosophy of Religion!

– Michael Austin reviews The Recalcitrant Image: Human Persons and the Failure of Naturalism by J.P. Moreland at 3G .


– Richard Chappell argues against Don Marquis’ views on contraception at Philosophy, et cetera .


– Kenny Pearce provides an amended version of Philippa’s Foot’s theory of morality as a system of hypothetical imperatives at blog.kennypearce.net .


– Avery Archer argues that although non-rational animals may possess reasons, only rational animals possess the ability to view reasons as reasons at The Space of Reasons.

Political Philosophy!

– Terrance Tomkow provides a critique of the Retributive Theory of Rights at Tomkow.com .

That’s all for the 107th edition of Philosophers’ Carnival.  We thank you for reading and hope you attend the next edition on May 17, 2010 at Philosophy Sucks!, the personal blog of Brains contributor Richard Brown.  Submit your entries for the next edition here .

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