Systematicity and the Post-Connectionist Era: Taking Stock of the Architecture Of Cognition

19-21 May 2011
San Jose (Andalucia, Spain)
2nd call for papers
Researchers are invited to submit full papers or long abstracts for 40-minute presentations on conceptual, empirical or modeling issues that arise in the treatment of the systematicity challenge from post-connectionist approaches such as behavior-based AI, ecological psychology, embodied and distributed cognition, dynamical systems theory, and non-classical forms of connectionism. The range of topics to be addressed in the workshop really cuts across cognitive science disciplines. We encourage submissions from philosophers, psychologists, and computational neuroscientists alike, among other related fields.

Plenary speakers:

  • Ken Aizawa (Philosophy, Centenary College, LA, US)
  • Tony Chemero (Psychology, Franklin & Marshall College, PA, US)
  • Brian McLaughlin (Philosophy, Rutgers, NJ, US)
  • Steve Phillips (Mathematical Neuroinformatics Group, AIST, Japan)

A selection of the material presented will be published as a special issue of the journalSynthese.

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