CFP: Varieties of Representation. Kazimierz Naturalist Workshop 2011

This year, we’re again organizing a naturalist workshop in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland, and the topic is representation and its varieties. Here goes the CFP:

Kazimierz Dolny, Poland – September 5-9th, 2011 

Invited key speakers

Francisco Calvo (Murcia)
Edouard Machery (Pittsburgh)
Huw Price (Sydney / Cambridge)
Joelle Proust (Institut Jean-Nicod)

The notion of representation is essential for the project of naturalizing the mind and meaning. One of the key issues regarding representation concerns the possible varieties of representation: what are various ways of representing? Are mental representations propositional or image-based, connectionist, analog or digital? How can one answer these questions in the case of natural cognitive systems? What consequences does a pluralist attitude to representation have for claims that animals and even plants are capable of representing?

Call for Papers

300 word abstracts are invited no later than May 31st. Accepted speakers will have 40 minutes for their presentations, including discussion time. Preference will be given to presentations directly connected to the work carried out by the key speakers. Abstracts are to be submitted via EasyChair:

For more information, see the workshop website.

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