I Really Do Love New York in the Fall

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The fall semester is set to kick off, and I am very excited about it. I am giving the first talk in the CUNY Philosophy Colloquium tomorrow September 5th. It is entitled “The Nature of Phenomenal Consciousness”. I haven’t recorded a practice run yet, but this talk is my attempt to talk about everything related to phenomenal consciousness that interests me. It should be a lot of fun! I am especially excited about it since it is almost exactly four years to the date since I was a student at CUNY! I still can’t believe it has been four years since I defended; that’s a lot of New York Minutes! 
In October I will be giving a talk at the Metro-Area Research Group on Awareness and Meditation run by Zoran Josipovic . And of course there will be many, many awesome talks around town. I am going to try to blog a bit more about any I happen to attend. I am also teaching in my ‘cluster’ Brain, Mind, and Consciousness. A cluster is a group of classes centered around a theme in which all students take all of the same classes. Mine has a mind-themed intro to phil, an intro psych, and two english classes. This is the third time I have done it and I am thinking of recording some supplementary video lectures. Or at least such are my (academic) New Year’s resolutions. 
In other news, I have joined the list of contributors at The Philosopher’s Cocoon, a new blog for early career types (I still have a year left of being ‘early career, right?). I’ll be posting on career and teaching related issues over there. For instance, at LaGuardia I am taking a professional development seminar on online teaching. Specifically I am working on transitioning my traditional face to face Logic and Philosophy course to a hybrid model. I have been teaching online for a few years now and I thought I might blog a bit about it. 
And then there is of course the Qualia Fest waiting for us on the other side of Fall!
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