2013 NEH Summer Seminar: "Metaphysics and Mind"

Philosophy of Mind

A five-week National Endowment for the
Seminar on metaphysical issues in the philosophy of mind
led by John Heil, 10 June – 12 July 2013. Visiting faculty will include
E. J. Lowe, Graham Oddie and Alyssa Ney.

Sixteen participants will be chosen from among eligible applicants interested in
metaphysical issues that arise in the philosophy of mind. Early sessions
of the seminar will be devoted to discussion of fundamental metaphysical
themes including the nature of properties, causality, laws of nature,
powers, and qualities. Later sessions will be devoted to discussion
of metaphysical themes of special interest to participants.

The Seminar will include appearances by E. J. Lowe (Durham), Graham
Oddie (Colorado), and Alyssa Ney (Rochester), who will discuss their
work in the broader metaphysical context. Ample time will be allowed for
participants to pursue individual projects on Seminar-related

Seminar stipend: $3,900. Stipends are intended to help cover
the cost of travel and living expenses during the course of the

Applications must be postmarked (or submitted electronically) no
later than 4th March 2013.

For more information, see the seminar website: https://artsci.wustl.edu/~neh13/.

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