CFP: What is cognition?

Workshop on “What is cognition?” in Bochum, June 27-29, 2013

The workshop invites contributions exploring any and all issues that can move us toward an answer to the question, “what is cognition?”. Contributions are welcome to address a particular view already championed in the literature or bring forward original suggestions on how we might produce an adequate notion of cognition in philosophy and the cognitive sciences.

PhD-students and Post-Docs are invited to submit papers or posters. Master students are also invited to submit posters.

Paper submissions must be appropriate for short talks of 20 min. for a total 30 min session. Papers may not exceed 1500 words, including an abstract of 150 words.

Posters should be directly submitted or be described by an abstract of 500 words.

*Submission deadline: May 1st , 2013*

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