CFP: The Subjective Structure of Consciousness

Conference Venue:

University of Manchester
Manchester, United Kingdom


The subjectivity of conscious experience has been increasingly recognised as a crucial target for consciousness research. This interdisciplinary workshop will address a range of key questions about the subjective structure of consciousness: What does it mean to say that a mental state is subjective? Does conscious experience have a distinctive subjective structure? If so, how do these structures arise from their neural substrates? What role does the body play in subjective representation? In what sense, if any, can artificial systems represent the world subjectively? What can we learn from cases in which the typical subjective structure of consciousness is disrupted?


  • Joe Levine (UMass)
  • Brie Gertler (University of Virginia)
  • Jenann Ismael (University of Arizona)
  • Uriah Kriegel (Institut Jean-Nicod)
  • Elizabeth Schechter (Washington University St. Louis)
  • Jonathan Farrell (University of Manchester)
  • Tom McClelland (University of Manchester)

The Subjective Structure of Consciousness is the first in a series of workshops held in connection with the University of Manchester’s Architecture of Consciousness project. Funded by the European Research Council (ERC), this project is directed by Prof. Tim Bayne and aims to develop a model of the structural features of consciousness.

The organisers invite proposals for short presentations (10-12mins) in which speakers can introduce their work on issues surrounding the subjective structure of consciousness. Presenters will be able to expand on their work during informal discussion sessions. Abstracts of no more than 500 words suitable for blind review should be sent to by 28 February 2014. Applicants are welcome from all relevant disciplines including (but not limited to) philosophy, cognitive psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Submissions from graduate students and early-career researchers are particularly welcome.

To find out more about the project please visit our webpage at and to keep up with future news join our Facebook page at

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