Recent work by Brains contributors

The following articles by Brains contributors were added to PhilPapers in March. Please let me know of any errors or omissions. – JS

J. Robert Thompson (2014). Signature Limits in Mindreading Systems. Cognitive Science 38 (2).

Kristina Musholt & Eileen Munro (forthcoming). Neuroscience and the Risks of Maltreatment. Children and Youth Services Review.

E. Machery (forthcoming). Review of Words and Thoughts: Subsentences, Ellipsis and the Philosophy of Language. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

Dimitria Electra Gatzia & Berit Brogaard (forthcoming). Time and Time Perception. Topoi.

E. Nahmias, S. Morris, T. Nadelhoffer & J. Turner (forthcoming). Surveying Freedom: Folk Intuitions About Free Will and Moral Responsibility. Philosophical Psychology.

E. Machery (forthcoming). Massive Modularity and Brain Evolution. Philosophy of Science.

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