The Philosophy and Science of Self-Control

As Justin Weinberg noted last week at the always-excellent Daily Nous, my colleague Al Mele has been awarded another grant from the John Templeton Foundation, this time for three years and $4.5 million for work on the philosophy and science of self-control. Here is the project website, and here is a press release from FSU. From the latter:

The project will investigate self-control from a variety of perspectives, from neuroscience and social and developmental psychology to philosophy, and will involve researchers from around the world through a sub-grant competition. Researchers then will complete either two-year integrated science and philosophy projects or one-year philosophical or theoretical projects. In addition, two conferences to be held on the Florida State campus will allow the researchers to present the results of their work.

Full information on the grant application process is available on the project site — LOIs for the first round are due at the start of August (for interdisciplinary projects) and September (for philosophical/theoretical projects). There is also a post-doctoral position at FSU available for next year; applications for this are due April 30.

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