Interview with Dan Kelly in Emotion Researcher

Andrea Scarantino (Georgia State) is the editor of Emotion Researcher, the online newsletter of the International Society for Research on Emotion. The most recent issue includes an interview with Dan Kelly (Purdue), discussing his work on disgust. Here’s a bit from Dan’s description of his research:

DanMaroonLakeI often find myself searching for points of contact and common ground between different insights and theoretical approaches found in philosophy, psychology, anthropology and other areas of research, and looking for ways in which they can be synthesized to paint a more complete picture of the Who We Are and How We Got Here and to formulate and address pressing questions about What It All Means.

Obviously this all covers a lot of ground, and in practice taking this interdisciplinary angle can be demanding. For instance, doing it right requires that one be conversant in each of the different disciplines on which one is drawing, and able to competently navigate their proprietary concerns, methods, and dialects. It also means taking on the typical dangers associated with pursuing breadth rather than aiming primarily for a narrower depth. But I believe that this kind of integrative and interdisciplinary research is crucial, and so worth the effort and risk.

You can read the whole thing here. Andrea’s editor’s column on emotional intelligence is also a good read, and a helpful introduction to what else is in the issue.

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