Australasian Association of Philosophy 2015 Philosophy of Cognitive Science and Psychology Stream

Sisters and Brothers,

Here are links to the abstracts for the Philosophy of Cognitive Science/Psychology stream at this years AAP. Timetable is currently being done 🙂. Also please note that there are some relevant talks in the Neuroethics Stream (which includes moral cognition) and some other good looking philosophy of science talks elsewhere in the conference (e.g. the Peter Menzies Stream).

Peter Godfrey-Smith “Animal Evolution and the Origins of Consciousness”

Dan Hutto “Overly Enactive Imagination? Radically Re-Imagining Imagining”

Richard Menary “What? Now. Predictive Coding and 4E Cognition”

Peter Slezak “Intuition in Study of Language: Syntax & Semantics”

John Sutton (Celia Harris and Amanda Barnier) “Otto in the Wild: dementia and distributed cognition”

Linus (Ta-Lun) Huang “The Nativist Input Problem: Why Evolutionary Psychology Still Can’t Explain Human Intelligence”

Mindaugas Briedis “Phenomenology of Radiology: Intentional Analysis of the Constitution of Diagnostic Judgment”

Massimiliano Cappuccio “The biggest challenge: contentless cognition vs Mind Uploading”

Glenn Carruthers “Irvine’s elimination of consciousness”

Peter Clutton “A realist defence of doxastic theories of delusions: the cognitive phenomenological defence”

Sidney Diamante “Armed with information: The octopus as an embodied cognitive system”

Henry Dobson “Why Integrated Information Theory fails to solve the hard problem of consciousness.”

Caitrin Donovan “Thought insertion and the minimal self”

Renee England “The natural kind status of emotion – a Spinozist approach”

Mirko Farina “Taxonomising phenotypic plasticity: the role of cultural plasticity in human cognition”

Robert Farquharson “Self-Organisation & Connectionism: An Added Layer of Biological Realism”

Alexander James Gillett “Model-based reasoning in science and the Manipulation Mill”

David Michael Kaplan (Lincoln Colling) “Dynamical-mechanistic explanation: Rebutting the challenges from nonlinearity and emergence”

Chris Letheby “The Epistemic Innocence of Psychedelic States”

Christopher McCarroll “Constructing and reconstructing observer perspectives in personal memory”

Kourken Michaelin “Collaborative memory knowledge: A distributed reliabilist perspective”

Hoda Mostafavi “The Origins of a Pluralistic Folk Psychology”

Matthew Nestor “A critique of etiological theories of target fixation”

Sarah Pini (Doris McIlwain and John Sutton) “Flowing into the Jam: a Phenomenology of Shared Place”

Thomas Robert “Darwin and the language instinct”

Melanie Rosen “Achieving my dream-body: can the sense of agency in sleep tell us what it’s like to dream?”

Laura Ruggles “Biological information processing in plants: towards a theoretical framework”

Diane Stringer “Thinking about the future and thinking about suicide: an account of hopelessness and its connection with suicidal thought.”

Lachlan Douglas Walmsley “Reformulating the Scope Objection”

John Zerilli “An evaluation of the recent multiple realization controversy”



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