Upcoming Symposium on Molyneux’s “The Logic of Mind-Body Identification”

10408957_637970006295161_1280406507623971351_nI’m pleased to say that Bernard Molyneux’s paper “The Logic of Mind-Body Identification”, which is the first target article in our series of symposia on papers from Ergo: An Open-Access Journal of Philosophy, has now been published online.

The symposium, with commentaries from István Aranyosi, Liz Irvine, and Jonathan Simon, plus a reply from Molyneux, will take place during the week of July 13, following Jenny Windt’s visit next week to blog about her book Dreaming: A Conceptual Framework for Philosophy of Mind and Empirical Research, recently published by the MIT Press.

In the meantime, you’re welcome to get an advance start by reading the target article. I am grateful to Elliot Carter for his excellent work in organizing the symposium, and to Ergo‘s editors for their support of this arrangement.

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