Templeton-sponsored “Academic Cross-Training” for philosophers and theologians

This looks like a terrific program (note that it is only for the recently tenured):

The John Templeton Foundation invites applications for its Academic Cross-Training (ACT) Fellowship program beginning November 9, 2015, with fellowships to begin Fall 2017. The ACT Fellowship program is intended to equip recently tenured philosophers and theologians with the skills and knowledge needed to study Big Questions that require substantive and high-level engagement with empirical science.

Each ACT Fellowship will provide up to $217,400 for up to 3 contiguous years of support for a systematic and sustained course of study in an empirical science such as physics, psychology, biology, genetics, cognitive science, neuroscience, or sociology. Acceptable courses of study might range from a plan to audit undergraduate and graduate-level courses to a plan to earn a degree in an empirical science. Fellows may undertake their study at their home institution or another institution. All fellows must have a faculty mentor in their cross-training discipline.

More details on the program are available here.
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