Launch of the ALIUS Bulletin

The ALIUS Bulletin is an annual publication of the ALIUS research group, featuring in-depth interviews with prominent scholars working on consciousness and its altered states (ASCs). The goal of the Bulletin is to present a clear outline of current research on ASCs across a variety of disciplines, with an emphasis on empirical work. It also aims at dispelling the widespread stigma that still plagues the notion of ASC, while allowing a wider audience to discover rigorous scientific work on the topic presented by authors in their own words.

The first issue can be consulted here — it includes interviews with Robin Carhart-Harris, Jakob Hohwy, Tanya Luhrmann, Simon McCarthy-Jones, Rebecca Seligman and Jennifer Windt.

You can find more information on the ALIUS research group on their website. It fosters an international collaboration of researchers across neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, philosophy and anthropology to give a naturalistic account of consciousness, with a particular focus on so-called “altered states of consciousness”.

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