CFP: Essays in Philosophy issue on “The Philosophy of Memory”

Call for Papers

The Philosophy of Memory
Essays in Philosophy
Volume 19, Number 2
Issue Date: July 2018
Submission Deadline: March 1, 2018
Issue Editors: Ian O’Loughlin (Pacific University) and Sarah Robins (University of Kansas)

Memory is a fundamental element of human—and more broadly, animal—intelligence and experience. Given memory’s importance, its complexities are bound up with topics throughout philosophy. Memory plays a critical role in many philosophical inquiries, including discussion of cognition, persons, time, knowledge, and responsibility. In addition, the interdisciplinary studies of memory—empirical and otherwise—furnish material deserving of serious philosophical work. As the community of scholars interested in memory, both in and out of philosophy, grows, memory continues to show that it is a topic worthy of sustained philosophical attention.

Essays in Philosophy invites the submission of papers that give philosophical treatments of any aspect or aspects of memory. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The metaphysics of memory
  • Varieties of remembering and their interrelations
  • Interdisciplinarity and methodology in the study of memory
  • Memories and Mental Content
  • Collective, transactive, or cultural memory
  • Construction and reconstruction in remembering
  • The phenomenology of memory
  • Extended, situated, and distributed remembering
  • Epistemological issues regarding memory
  • Memory, time, and persons

For information about how to prepare your submission, see the Essays style guide:

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