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The front cover of Neural Mechanisms

We are thrilled that some authors of the new edited volume Neural Mechanisms: New Challenges in the Philosophy of Neuroscience (Springer, 2020) will be sharing and responding to comments this week. You can find a new post each day or find everything in one place here (as it becomes available). A list of this week’s authors and posts is below.

  • Fabrizio Calzavarini & Marco Viola, Is There a Philosophy of Neuroscience?
  • Mazviita Chirimuuta, Your Brain Is Like a Computer: Function, Analogy, Simplification
  • Daniel Weiskopf, What Decoding Can’t Do
  • Bryce Gessell, (Behind the stage of) Prediction and Topological Models in Neuroscience
  • Daniel Burnston & Philipp Haueis, Evolving Concepts of “Hierarchy” in Systems Neuroscience
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