Monetary Evidence of Human Estrus

Apparently human females go into heat, contrary to a common assumption.  The evidence is that professional lap dancers receive significantly more tips during the phase following ovulation, i.e., when they are fertile.  (From an article in the last issue of the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.)


  1. Pat Parslow

    I am intrigued that there is a common assumption that human females don’t go into heat. From a personal perspective, I have always been quite sure I am aware of the cycles of many of the women around me, without any direct evidence for it. It certainly isn’t true for all women, and it may be those who are on the pill who fox my senses, but as I am not in the habit of enquiring about such matters I cannot be sure!

  2. The biologist Randy Thornhill has some evolutionary thoughts on rape evolution and he states based on evidence, that certain men have evolved an “intuitive insight” to detect the menstrual cycles of women.

    In terms of statistics, there is a high rate of pregnancy after rapes, so it is probable that those men detect when women put herself in heat.

    Also, women when they are in estrus (or high fertility phase) exhibit some paraphernalia in their cloths to signal conspicuosly their cycle state, such us, tight-fitting pants and shirts (see, Karl Grammer)when chilling at the club (disco).

    At the level of nonverbal communication the more the pattern of simultaneous imitation or coupling of postures, vocalitations and behaviour in general, the more the chance of sexual engange between a man and woman.

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