Why is a Face Beautiful?

Apparently there is more to beauty than looking average.  The article has a link to some fun demos; in one demo, you can average human faces together and see the results.  For some reason, it seems to me that if you average a man and a woman’s face together, you get a face that looks like a man.

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  1. Very, very interesting post.

    Some of the face scientists mentioned in the article are the top authorities in this matter. Particularly the outstanding shcolar: David Ian Perrett.
    His findings that spanned decades are not only significant to the perception of physical features related to facial attractiveness and informed evolutionary speculations of what psychological mechanisms are responsible for our interpersonal relations, but to the neurophysiology of social cognition as well.

    He is one of the pioneers of what is now call “social cognitive neuroscience” that it has tremendous impact in the philosophical debate about mindreading.

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