Dutch Traffic

In the last few days, Brains has received a lot of visitors from the Netherlands.  Depending on the time of the day, they have been the largest group of visitors by country.  Welcome, guys!  

This can’t be a coincidence.  If any of you kind readers has an explanation for this phenomenon, please let us know in the comments.

Update [1/26/08]:  Thanks to Erik and Koen for the explanation and link.  The explanation is an article (in Dutch) in the magazine NRC Andelsblad.  The article features and links to “Brains”.  Some time ago Carola Houtemaker, the author of the article, interviewed me, so I did wonder whether it had something to do with the spike in Dutch traffic.


  1. Yes the article was a pretty long exploration of blogging by scientists in one of the main national dailies. It covered an assessment of where blogging by scientists is at, including several kind of perspectives and pro and con comments.
    I reported about it too, added some of the links to my favorites, and traffic to my bare boned blog increased too.

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