Announcing the Papers for the 2015 Minds Online Conference

Together with my co-organizers Cameron Buckner and Nick Byrd, I am very pleased to announce the selection of papers for the first annual Minds Online Conference, which will be held at the Brains blog in September 2015. The conference will comprise four weeklong sessions, organized as described below. Further information, including dates for the sessions and names of commentators, will be available soon at the conference page. We are all looking forward to what promises to be a really excellent event!

Here are the papers that will make up this year’s conference:

Philosophy of Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

  • Karen Neander (Duke): Keynote
  • Marcelo Fischborn (Federal University of Santa Maria): “Libet-Style Experiments, Neuroscience, and Libertarian Free Will”
  • Madeleine Ransom and Sina Fazelpour (UBC): “Three Problems for the Predictive Coding Theory of Attention”
  • Miguel Ángel Sebastián (UNAM) and Marc Artiga (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy): “Information and Metacognition”

Belief and Reasoning

  • Ram Neta (UNC): Keynote
  • Grace Helton (NYU): “The Revisability View of Belief”
  • Jack Marley-Payne (MIT): “Against Intellectualist Theories of Belief”
  • Markos Valaris (University of New South Wales): “What Reasoning Might Be”

Social Cognition

  • Tony Jack (Case Western Reserve): Keynote
  • Saray Ayala (San Francisco State): “Explaining Injustice in Speech: Individualistic vs. Structural Explanation”
  • Marta Halina (Cambridge): “Statistical Inference in Comparative Psychology: The Case of Animal Mindreading”
  • Luke Roelofs (Toronto): “Amodal Mind-Perception: Combining Inferentialism and Perceptualism”
  • Evan Westra (Maryland): “Talking about Minds: Social Experience, Pragmatic Development, and the False Belief Task”

Perception and Consciousness

  • Nico Orlandi (UC Santa Cruz): Keynote
  • Derek H. Brown (Brandon University): “Colour Layering and Colour Relationalism”
  • Jonathan Farrell (Manchester): “‘What It Is Like’ Talk Is Not Technical Talk”
  • E.J. Green (Rutgers University): “Structure Constancy”
  • Assaf Weksler (Open University of Israel and Ben Gurion University): “Retinal Images and Object Files: Towards Empirically Evaluating Philosophical Accounts of Visual Perspective”

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