Pitt HPS Places 10 out of 10

Leiter Reports has a page up for posting junior philosophy hires.

We at University of Missouri – St. Louis hired John Brunero, a graduate of Columbia who works in ethics and political philosophy.

My alma mater, History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh, placed 10 candidates out of 10. 9 are in tenure-track positions and one has a post-doc at Yale. (One of the 10 is not yet listed because although he has an offer, he is waiting to hear from another place.)

Edouard Machery noted to me: “100% with 10 people. Pretty impressive, I think.” I concur.

Pitt HPS has been traditionally associated with general philosophy of science and philosophy of physics, and more recently, with philosophy of biology. But others, including aspiring (science-oriented) philosophers of mind should seriously consider it. It has an excellent track record in philosophy of psychology/neuroscience. As a bonus, students have easy access to the faculty of the Pitt philosophy department.

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