Philosophy of Neuroscience at ISHPSSB

Given that there is no society for the philosophy of neuroscience, I

would like to propose that we try to make ISHPSSB (Ishkabibble, among frriends) a temporary home

for the philosophy of neuroscience community. ISHPSSB is the

largest philosophy of biology organization in the world, and it attracts

a good mix of historians and scientists as well. The meeting this year

is in Exeter, UK. from July 26-30. The conference actively encourages

graduate student participation. Furthermore, the session review

procedure is maximally permissive. This means that we could, if we were

so inclined, get as many philosophy of neuroscience sessions on the

program as we would like. Also, if you decide to propose a session, why

don’t you post it here so that we can build on the momentum. The

deadline for submission of a proposal is February 15.



  1. kenneth aizawa

    But, maybe another possibility would be to align something with SfN.  After all, serious philosophers of neuroscience at least try to make SfN anyway.  I know they have a vestigial history of neuroscience poster session.  But, this is just a bit of microbrainstorming.  And, really, the two are not mutually exclusive.

  2. Carl

    I agree that it would be good to organize something within SfN. However, there is no current home for philosophy within that organization and the cost to attend the meeting is staggering. ISH is quite welcoming and inexpensive by comparison. Why don’t we try to have a workship meeting in Exeter to think about how to move Philosophy of neuroscience forward and whether and how to break into the SfN? Are you in, Ken?


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