Reading group on the manuscript of Doing Without Concepts?

I now have a full draft of my book on concepts, Doing Without Concepts (OUP). A small reading group at Pitt (Bogen, Glymour…)  gave me some invaluable feedback on the previous draft (actually, we are reading the last chapters).

If a few readers of Brains are interested, I’d like to start a web-based reading group on this manuscript. The group might work as follows: Every week (starting maybe next week), I would send a new chapter to the members of this group (for obvious reasons, I won’t post the chapters on the site, but I can send them). A few days later, we would open a thread on Brains dedicated to the relevant chapter. Members of this reading group might then leave comments, criticisms, suggestions etc. and I might try to address them.

If you are interested, leave your e-mail on the thread or send me an e-mail with your name and address. If a few readers of Brains are willing to participate in such a reading group, we’ll start next week.



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