IJCNN 2007 – Invitation

Hi all,

As my previous post said it (loud), the submission deadline for IJCNN (Orlando, 12-17 August, 2007)  has been extended to feb 12. 

So, all the readers of Brains, are also invited to submit to our special session on Philosophical Aspects of Neural Network Modeling. The special session considers research and development in the area
of artificial neural networks especially by examining their significance
for different areas of science from philosophical perspectives.

For more information please take a look at the IJCNN 2007 home page:


Feel free to contact me or the other organizers, if you think that Orlando is calling you…

Chief research scientist Dr. Timo Honkela
Adaptive Informatics Research Center, Helsinki University of Technology
timo.honkela at tkk.fi

Research fellow Dr. Tarja Knuuttila
Department of Philosophy & Academy of Finland, University of Helsinki
tarja.knuuttila at helsinki.fi

Researcher Anna-Mari Rusanen
Department of Philosophy, University of Helsinki  
anna-mari.rusanen at helsinki.fi

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