SSPP Program

The program for the 2007 SSPP is now available electronically at:
It will be mailed out in hard copy to all current members later next week after it is printed, labeled, stamped, and stuffed.  If you are not currently a member, you can print a copy or (I hope) get one at the conference for free. 

Chase Wrenn was program chair, assisted by

Jennifer Baker, College of Charleston
Robert Barnard, University of Mississippi
Max Deutsch, East Carolina University
Pete Mandik, William Paterson University
Tom Polger, University of Cincinnati
Whit Schonbein, College of Charleston
Daniel Weiskopf, University of South Florida
Julie Yoo, Lafayette College
Tad Zawidzki, George Washington University

Thanks to all those who helped assemble the program.  Please send notice of any errata to me.  <shudder, twitch, heave>.


  1. kenneth aizawa

    Hmm.  I’ve having the problem too with both IE 7.0 and Firefox 2.0.  I can, however, get around it by saving the PDF to disk, then opening the PDF directly in Adobe Reader.  Maybe that will work for you.  I will, in any case, check with the web master.  Thanks, Eric.


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