“Understanding the Embodiment of Perception”

Brains regulars may know that Fred Adams and I have been trying to put up the good fight against extended cognition.  (Rob Rupert has been in there, too, of course.)  We now have five works on the topic “forthcoming.”  Our latest addition to this future literature is a paper of mine, “Understanding_the_Embodiment_of_Perception” that will appear in the Journal of Philosophy.  I’m pretty happy to get a paper in there.

On a related topic, I just found out that Shaun Gallagher is organizing a conference at the University of Central Florida.  It is called “Cognition: Embodied, Embedded, Enactive, Extended.”  The conference web page is https://www.philosophy.ucf.edu/eeee.html  Andy Clark will be the keynote speaker.  Andy may have a new book out by then, named something like Supersizing the Mind: Reflections on Embodiment, Action, and Cognitive Extension.

On an unrelated topic, Synthese just published my paper on the biochemistry of memory consolidation.  The final point of the paper is that it appears that essentially all psychological properties are multiply realized.  Readers of Brains seemed to be sort of interested  in that idea when I posted about it a while back.


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