Philosophy of Science Association 2008 Biennial Meeting

While I’m in the “conference reminding” frame of mind, I should note the upcoming deadline for the PSA.  The twenty-first PSA biennial meeting will take place November 6-9, 2008, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Further information is here.  Scientist + philosopher symposia are of interest this year. 

I think that Edouard is considering working up a symposium.  I hope Gualtiero is as well.  Personally, I think I need to get back to Pittsburgh.  I don’t think I’ve been there in maybe ten years.


  1. Ken,

    Is it exact that the deadline is February 9–the same one for workshop and papers?

    In the past, the deadline for workshop was months before the deadline for papers, so that if your workshop had been rejected, you could submit a paper.

  2. kenneth aizawa

    Yes.  This is a change.

    The committee decided to have them due all at the same time to give the committee more flexibility in setting up the program.  The committee can pick the best of the symposia and papers all at the same time.   So, if there are a lot of good symposia we can have more of those or a lot of good papers we can have more of those.  The date was moved up to Feb. 1 to give the committee a month more time to read the papers and deliberate.

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