Neuroscience and multiple realization

I don’t normally post up drafts of papers, but this one might be of interest to some regulars.  It is a reply to Bechtel and Mundale’s 1999 Philosophy of Science paper.  Neuroscience & Multiple Realization.  Comments welcome.  I think it’s still a little rough, especially the section on the “grain problem”.

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  1. gualtiero

    FYI, there is also the following discussion of the Bechtel and Mundale 1999 paper:

    Kim, Sungsu (2002). “Testing Multiple Realizability: A Discussion of Bechtel and Mundale”, Philosophy of Science, 69.

    Couch, Mark (2004). “Discussion: A Defense of Bechtel and Mundale.” Philosophy of Science 71: 198–204.

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