Conference on Spatial Cognition at Washington University in St. Louis

The Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology program at Washington
 University in St. Louis would like to call your attention to
 a special conference on Perception, Language, and Space, to
 be held Saturday & Sunday March 1st and 2nd.  Invited speakers

    Laura Carlson (Univ. Notre Dame, Psychology)
    Anjan Chatterjee (Univ. Pennsylvania, Cognitive Neurosci.)
    Rick Grush (UC San Diego, Philosophy)
    Barbara Landau (Johns Hopkins Univ., Cognitive Science)
    Leonard Talmy (SUNY-Buffalo, Linguistics)
    Barbara Tversky (Stanford Univ., Psychology)
    Jeff Zacks (Washington Univ. St. Louis, Psychology)

 Talks will be held in the Wilson Hall Lecture Room (214), with
 a conference luncheon and dinner banquet on Saturday.  The
 Conference registration will be paid for by the PNP program.
 For catering and planning purposes, we do request that all
 participants register prior to the beginning of the conference.
 Registration can be done online at:
 For more information about the conference in general including
 talk abstracts, etc. please visit the conference website at:

 For further questions or inquiries about registration, please
 contact Kimberly Mount

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