ECAP 6 in Cracow

The program of the European Congress of Analytical Philosophy is here. There are some interesting papers for readers of Brains, for example Stanisław Krajewski will present his short argument against all Lucas- and Penrose-style arguments. I wrote a protocol of his habilitation colloquium back in 2004 (or earlier) – he wrote a whole book on Goedel and Lucas, unfortunately available only in Polish. He promised to write an English version of the book but as the very argument is not too complex, you might like the condensed conference version. I landed in the Logic and Computation section, probably the only non-formal paper there, on physical systems realizing computations. Haven’t seen other Brains’ contributors yet but as Cracow is a great place to have a beer, who knows

This year’s Wittgenstein Symposium seems pretty interesting as well but the program is not there yet.

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