Call for papers: SSPP 2010

The call for papers for the 2010 meeting of the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology has been posted. The conference will take place from April 15-17 (Thursday through Saturday) in Atlanta, GA.

I am the philosophy program chair, and Lauren Taglialatela of Kennesaw State is the psychology program chair. Submission of papers having interdisciplinary interest is strongly encouraged. I’d also like to draw your attention to the invited side of the program.

Philosophy Invited Program

Invited Speakers:
Alfonso Caramazza (Psychology, Harvard)
Peter Carruthers (Philosophy. Maryland)
Elizabeth Spelke (Psychology, Harvard)

Invited Symposium on Language and Thought:
José Luis Bermudez (Philosophy, Washington University)
Elizabeth Camp (Philosophy, Penn)
Barbara Malt (Psychology, Lehigh)

Invited Symposium on The Self:
Barry Dainton (Philosophy, Liverpool)
Jenann Ismael (Philosophy, Arizona and Sydney)
Robert Howell (Philosophy, SMU)

Invited Symposium on Mental Representation:
Larry Barsalou (Psychology, Emory)
William Ramsey (Philosophy, UNLV)
Michael Rescorla (Philosophy, UC Santa Barbara)

Psychology Invited Program

Invited Speakers:
Roy Baumeister (Psychology; Florida State University)
Michael J. Kane (Psychology; University of North Carolina, Greensboro)

Invited Symposium on Psychology and Philosophy of Teaching:
Linda M. Noble (Psychology; University System of Georgia, Board of Regents)
Randy A. Smith (Psychology; Lamar University; Editor Emeritus: Teaching of Psychology)
George Rainbolt (Philosophy; Georgia State University)

Please let me know if you have any questions!


  1. kenneth aizawa

    Yes, avoiding that conflict has become a goal for the SSPP.  You can now plan on it not conflicting with the Pacific APA.  Dates for 2010 (in New Orleans!) don’t conflict.  SSPP will now typically be around the first or second week of April.

    We have also been fortunate in having a string of excellent program chairs, continuing with Dan!

  2. Eddy Nahmias

    And SSPP will no longer conflict with Easter either. Next year 2010 is in Atlanta, and then it’s 2011 that is in New Orleans. Unfortunately, next year will conflict with the Tucson Consciousness Conference, so we’ll have to try to avoid that conflict in 2012. There’s always too much to do. Dan’s put together a great looking invited program!

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