Shameless Plug: The Southern Journal of Philosophy

After a wayward few years, The Southern Journal of Philosophy has recently been overhauled: new look, new editorial board, new publisher, online back catalog, improved standards, fully online submission and review process, etc.

Now under the imprint of Wiley-Blackwell, the SJP continues its nearly 50-year tradition of pluralism by publishing work in all areas of philosophy – analytic, continental, and the history of philosophy. And the quality of work that appears in our pages is rapidly improving; indeed, our acceptance rate in 2009 was a mere 7%. Our recent newsletter [pdf] likely represents more than you’ll care to read, but I link it here in the hope that you might be inclined to spread the word amongst students and colleagues and/or to consider submitting to the SJP yourself.

You might also be interested to take a look at our recent special issue, which served to re-launch the SJP earlier this spring. It features contributions from several editorial board members, including Paul Snowdon (“On the What-It-Is-Like-ness of Experience” [pdf]) and Terry Horgan (“Transvaluationism about Vagueness: A Progress Report” [pdf]), as well as Tad Schmaltz, Robert Bernasconi, Rachel Barney, and Linda Martín Alcoff. Access is free!

Finally, keep an eye out for further details concerning our renewed partnership with the Southern Society of Philosophy and Psychology: beginning in 2011, the SJP will publish the winner of the Griffith Award for the best philosophy paper presented at the annual SSPP meeting.

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