Following up on Psychosemantics

Volume 3 of Current Issues in Theoretical Philosophy (edited by Richard Schantz) is scheduled to come out early next year (for those of you familiar with it, the publication of this volume has been long delayed):
Volume 3 is entitled “Prospects for Meaning,” and it promises to be pertinent to the (great) discussion Gualtiero’s Psychosemantics post prompted.  Rob Cummins and I have a paper in the volume, and though it is too late to revise the paper, we would welcome/appreciate any feedback you may have.

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  1. Paper is interesting, though I’d marry your ideas with Dretske to form a more perfect union.

    Aside from content: let me get this straight. It is due out next year, but it is too late to solicit comments? Who is publishing this someone with a mimeograph machine and a donkey?

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