Exploring the Teenage Brain – Online Course from The New York Times

This fall, Barbara Strauch, health and medicine editor for The New York Times, will teach an online course entitled Exploring the Teenage Brain, a course that is part of The New York Times Knowledge Network and open to consumers nationwide. Programs of Study courses, developed and taught by New York Times journalists or professional staff, cover a variety of topics and are delivered online.  

The three-week course, taught by Strauch, will help you learn:

  • What the latest science tell us about important changes in the brain.
  • How this new learning connects with what we already know about hormones and other influences on teen behavior.
  • Why alcohol, smoking and drugs are especially dangerous to the teenage brain.
  • Why erratic or even hostile behavior can often be normal, however unpleasant.
  • The importance of sleep.
  • Tips for coping with this awkward period in a child’s life.

More information:

Exploring the Teenage Brain

September 26 – October 16, 2011

Also available as a self-paced course.

Link: https://www.nytimesknownow.com/index.php/exploring-the-teenage-brain/    

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